The EOI are the only official schools in Spain (except universities) which are dedicated to specialized language teaching. The teaching is divided into four levels, in line with the levels stipulated in the Common European Framework of Reference for languages:

● Basic Level: (A1 y A2) taught over two academic years
● Intermediate Level: (B1) taught in one year
● Advanced Level: (B2.1 y B2.2) taught over two academic years
● C1 Level: (C1) taught over two academic years

As we are an official state run school, we adhere to the state and regional school calendars. Classes run from September to May/June with final exams at the end. At the end of the course, on passing, you will receive the relevant official qualification.

For information on class timetables, textbooks etc, check the relevant department’s section.


Pre-registration period 1st -20th May. (This will reserve your place to be able to register in July)

Registration 1-10 July (for new students who did the pre-registration, or students who are continuing their studies after passing the school exams in June)

Registration 1-10 September (for students who are continuing their studies after passing the school resit exams in september or new students who didn’t do the pre-resistration)

Our registration period continues open until Dec 31st if we have any places available. Enquire at the school office.

Documents Required to Register

  • Registration Form (Hoja de Matrícula) 2 copies, one to hand in, one for the student.
  • Photocopy of ID card/Passport/ NIE
  • A passport size photo
  • Payment Form (Modelo 046) Paid and stamped at the bank.


Students must pay for the tax for the course when they register. (Approx 75€ for new students, See tasas) This is a one off payment, there is no monthly fee. Students are also asked to pay a contribution to the photocopies and school services when classes start (approx 8€).